Simplifying the Website Design Process

Professional + affordable website design

We Build It!

Our professional designers are artists as well as techies. We make beautiful, eye-catching, responsive websites that fit your business's personality.

Big or Small

We engage in ALL levels of web design, from mini-websites to large, multi-page, complex website designs. And to drive traffic to your new site, we offer many social media management products such as chatbots, blog posts and social media content management.

We get it done ASAP

Make an appointment with us to build your website, with you overseeing the design process. Be as involved as you want to be or leave it to us to create for YOU. 

We will get it done in days, not weeks. That's our promise.

What Our Clients Say About Us~

“I was able to get my products live and online in a matter of hours! And the best part is that I am in total control of my site and my business!! Thank you Websites While U Wait!”~ @AllegraParis


We pride ourselves in creating an online personality that represents you and your brand. 

Allegra Paris

We can utilize any feature you can imagine such as slide shows, mapping, contact forms, linking, search bars, etc. Even chatbots!

Warriors On Wheels

Our team of designers/artists will use their talents to not only develop your website but make sure it is aesthetically appealing as well.

websites while u wait

We are 100% responsive to your needs so we aren't happy unless YOU are happy!


Pine Island Parrots

Maybe your need is simple. Perhaps our patented "mini-site" will relay all the info you want to get out there: shop hours, map, photos, contact forms, etc. 

Brianna Zell

If your budget cannot afford a multi-page website (which can run into the thousands) an affordable mini-site for $199 may fit into your budget perfectly.

Maybe your business or hobby is NEW and you want to get the word out immediately. Our team can get your page LIVE in 24-36 hours.


Your web presence is mandatory these days. Consider it your online calling card. Can you be found on Google?

Anxious To Get Started But Have Some Questions?

Our all-female team of designers can answer all your questions and are ready to jump in and create just for you!