Alexandra has extensive professional experience with blog writing, content curating and is considered an industry expert in all aspects of social media marketing. She is currently a busy freelance writer for several social media clients and publications as well as social media teacher/photographer. She is based in NYC. 

Alex is Google Analytics Certified + PRO Power Seller.

Alex is also Director of Operations for our expanded growth into new markets.

Elisa is a longtime web designer & app developer. She has created websites since the mid-nineties and has enjoyed incredible success from one of her self-built sites that generated a high six-figure sustained income. She has been fascinated with SEO from it's inception and collects domain names for a hobby.

She is experienced in social media curating and is currently building chatbots.

Elisa is Google Analyics Certified + Google AdWord Certified.

Websites While U Wait was created to fill a niche.

We quickly found out that our social media clients were "held captive" by their web designers and weren't able to change, update or renew without additional charges. These respective web companies essentially own and control YOU and YOUR business!

Most clients didn't even have the password to access their sites and many couldn't locate the designer because he or she had disappeared or gone out of business. A terrible and too vulnerable situation!

Many asked us if we could help them but Unfortunately, when a company signs you up for web design services, they do so under their own account so we cannot access their sites. 

So we decided to change the "normal".

We create websites under YOUR own account. So you have 100% complete control over your business's future.

Once we have completed your site and made it live (in 1 day, while you wait), you can change the password so we no longer have access to it. Yearly renewals to the web hosting company will come directly from you, without WWUW as a middle man. The money you will save each year will likely pay for the site itself. So c'mon in and tell us about YOUR business.

Allegra is a NYC media/model influencer & blogger. She knows how to build and maintain a huge social media presence with an emphasis on aesthetics.

She is a trained professional in the field of influencing & blogging; the 2 hottest trends in social media marketing today. 

Allegra works both in TV & print and can always be found a step ahead of the Instagram curve.


Whatever your business model or platform, you can trust us to produce the web product you need.